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Have you managed the entire payroll process from start to finish?

1 Answer

Yes, I have over 7 years of payroll management experience and I have mastered the entire process from back to front.

Give me 48 cents using 6 coins. Tell me quantity and value of the 6 coins.

4 Answers

What past experience makes you a fit for this role?

4 Answers

Experience in talent management

3 Answers

Do you have any problems with breaking the rules?

3 Answers

As an HR Manager, how will I drive results.

3 Answers

Rather than asking me to answer questions about my experience and knowledge, I was asked a lot of "what if" and "How would you..." questions. I had a hard time answering as some scenarios seemed so esoteric.

3 Answers

FMLA, ADA, Title VII, Union experience, policy and advising, customer service, professionalism, travel to sites and locations.

3 Answers

How well do I work with ambiguity? Who has been the most impactful in my life? Why do I feel I am the best fit for the job?

3 Answers

No questions were difficult. Everything was very generic.

2 Answers
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