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If you were to evaluate the financial health of a company, how would you do so?

1 Answer

Know your ratios, P/E, Debt to Equity, etc.

None, I work in talent acquisition so unless someone is being difficult I'm lucky to be able to handle just about anything Oh wait, this one went down a wonky path: "If you were hired how would you onboard yourself and integrate with the team" "What would your focus be after you started"

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Can you tell me about a time where you had to make an executive decision on the fly, how did you come to that decision and what decision did you make?

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The Director asked me if I thought HR was black and white or gray? This is a very bad question and especially form someone on her level. The Director also only interviewed me for 10min and then said she had to leave for an appointment. The feedback of why I didn't get the role was I was too nice. I am okay with not getting it there is NO DIVERSITY in the CLT office..

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Tell me about your background

How have you impacted the effectiveness of the business strategy?

Do you have questions for me on the company or the role?

Why do you want to work for ADP

Describe a time when you had to handle a large scale conflict.

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