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Very standard behavioral questions. All questions are written around the Leadership Principles. Review the principles, located on the website. Think of 2-3 examples for each principle where you have demonstrated that principles in current or former roles. While "Being Vocally Self-Critical" is no longer an Principle, you will likely be asked a couple of questions about projects that have gone wrong, professional failures, etc. For each "failure," describe what you learned, and how you utilized those learnings in a future project. Even for a successful project, you will likely be asked "What would you have done differently to make the project even more successful?" Be concise, but provide details. The interviewers will "Dive Deep," into the details. Do not exaggerate, or try to BS the interviewers. They are looking for that, and may try to set traps to see if you will fall into them. If you do, you are done.

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Focus on how have you supported leaders and technical expertise questions.

Interview was partially in Spanish, almost everyone is bilingual (which make sense!)

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Tell me about your experience with strategic planning.

They placed a high degree of value and time discussing their company culture. It was a key component of every single interview and considering the importance (in my opinion) of finding a strong culture fit when looking for an employer, this was one of the strongest selling points to me that I wanted to be a part of this company.

Tell me about a time where you had to find the root cause of a problem that had multiple factors or multiple problems that played into it. What did you do and what was the outcome?

Why are you looking to make a career change? Why West Bend and why now?

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