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Why I was interested in working for the company

1 Answer

Chance to use my combined knowledge and experience to work for a small company where I could make a real difference in helping them achieve their vision. (Had done previous research on company and asked recruiter a lot of questions before interview).

What process I would follow to advise them in selecting an ERP vendor

1 Answer

How much Excel experience did I have.

1 Answer

Specific examples of similar work I had done in the past

1 Answer

If you had to negotiate with difficult stakeholders with different priorities, how would you approach it?

Knowledge about employer business

1 Answer

The interview was very conversational. So, I don't remember there being a difficult or unexpected question.

Pretty standardinter questions. I what do you know about Lidl? Why do you want this role?

How would your former managers describe you? What kind of manager would you consider yourself?

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