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Arabian Construction Company
HSE Advisor was asked...October 20, 2017

Introduce yourself

1 Answers

6 feet and above

FMC Technologies

why should we not hire you?

1 Answers

If you are looking for someone that is not committed to the health and safety of the employees. .then don't hire me Less


Explain a time you needed to circumvent a procedure.

1 Answers

Due to nature of role, circumventing procedure is not advisory. Other systems are in place to avoid doing this. Less


Questions on safety, management, incident reporting, different terminologies on safety related topics.

1 Answers

Very well


What are CDM regulations and how do they affect grid-serve

1 Answers

I had no response because i am form the oil and gas sector not the construction sector Less

HSE Advisor was asked...October 19, 2023

Tell me about yourself. What do you know about the company. Name a time you had to implement an electrical procedure. Name a time you disagreed with a manager and what the outcome was. How do you keep up with industry best practise.

1 Answers

Using STARR Situation, Task, Actions, Results and Reflection

Jan De Nul Group
HSE Advisor was asked...September 26, 2013

List some of your weaker areas

1 Answers

Probably my need for punctuality and discipline having arisen from my time in the military Less

Mader Group
HSE Advisor was asked...October 11, 2022

Would you ask someone for a jha everytime you walked into the workshop

1 Answers

No. I don’t like the policing style of hse. I believe you only get results out of fear if you operate like that. Would rather have the people in the workshop act safe for the right reasons. Less

HSE Advisor was asked...February 23, 2020

I was asked about my previous experience in safety

1 Answers

In machine shop environments, there are three different categories that hazards can fall into mechanical hazards, health hazards, and other hazards. Mechanical hazards Mechanical hazards involve moving machine parts and ways that a worker’s body could come in contact with those parts. The most common types of mechanical hazards found in machine shops include the following: single rotating parts, like shafts or couplings, which have a risk of snagging or entanglement two or more rotating parts working together, such as pulley drives, rollers, or exposed gears, create nip points and pinch points hazard parts that slide or swivel, including sliding mills or robotic arms, create shearing or crushing hazards parts that can rupture or fragment, such as in grinders, pose a risk of impact injuries. In order to combat mechanical hazards, it is important to ensure the proper safeguards are in place such as barriers, two-hand controls, interlocks, proper training, and providing the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) to employees. Less


Scenario based questions involving HSE activities

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Answers will be based on experience and scenerio

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