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Human Capital Something Or Other, Aka Staffing ?? was asked...June 22, 2013

What did you think when you walked in the office door? How do you feel about the lobby air (aesthetics) Where did you get your company research info (and after that some weird tangent rant about glassdoor reviews; mind you I got my BI from a trusted resource in the FS industry)

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I had no idea what to say

An answer I would have is this. Where I work is where I spend a large percent of my time. A vibrant office and decor sets the setting and the mood. Compared to old buildings with little light, this seems like an upbeat and positive place to work in. Less

I am jobless and I need job all documents are valid for AB rank age 31 years

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Whats your name

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Gum pyamene meneyii

Gum pyamene meneyii


Why did you focus on teachers and teachers' unions instead of the general public? What information would you need to develop a plan for the "general public?"

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I focused on the teachers and teachers' union because this was defined as the primary audience in the instructions. In addition, there is a great deal of information on the local attitudes of teachers and the unions in regards to their hiring, training and assessments. So, I was able to clearly define goals and objectives for this group and develop an appropriate strategy. The general public is a very broad audience. I would not choose such a broad audience. I would instead target more specific subsets of the "general public," such as parents. I would then need more local context and a greater understanding of their attitudes towards how teachers are hired, trained and assessed. There is plenty of information on teachers' views but I did not find a substantial amount on the general public's view. Knowing this information would will tell me whether I am changing or reinforcing public opinion. Based upon this, I could set goals and objectives and then develop the appropriate strategies. Without it, I would be taking a shot in the dark. Less

That was so much like my experience. I dedicated my weekend to the project, suffered through lengthy pauses during the interview and, overall, felt like they considered themselves to be quite superior. I'm disgusted. Our city needs good teachers and people who recruit them. I'm guessing that if they read these reviews, they don't care. Their funding comes from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Maybe they'll read these reviews at some point. Less


Why would you be a good consultant

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I am already an internal consultant

I am a good consultant because i had all the skills of a ocnsultant. For e.g i have to first understand the client actual requirements . Give them a solution which will be helpful in long run. Along with it i have to take care the resourse avalaibility to do that job Less


What was your biggest accomplishment of your Capstone experience?

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Leveraging a connection made earlier into expanding my opportunities with an organization, getting more work from them once the initial project ended. Less

MTN Nigeria

What do you understand by big data?

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I defined big data and the tools used in big data analysis.

Lausanne Business Solutions

I was hired into a senior role. This was a number of years ago. I can remember the conversation seemed very casual but I quickly realized how much information they were actually attaining. The focus was on my expertise and experience. Talking through problems and solutions, the type of clients I had worked with in the past. Their questions then became more specific to determine behavioral style and cultural fit.

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Discussed my experience and background. No secrets to answering these types of questions. You have to be sure to showcase your achievements and be attuned to your past and present behaviosr and how that effects your interactions and outcomes. Less


How would you value the wine market in LA?

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At a party for 100 people I might go through 10 bottles.

Tan Chong Motor Holdings

You seemed to be a 'old horse' in HCM and I am not sure whether we can trust everything you related to us? Your response please.

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Smile, look at them in the eyes and responded : firstly, I will not be able to relate confidently how I resolved HCM issues if I have not gone through them myself. Please feel free to probe deeper into the scenarios so that I can further respond to you. In this way, I can reinforce my knowledge and experience and gain your confidence. Less

Goldman Sachs

Skills and scenario based questions

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Gave example from previous work experience

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