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NONE. That was the most disappointing part of the process. There were no difficult questions. Nothing of substance to the kind of work were were discussing was asked. Most qustions, with the exception of 1-2, were repeated across all three interviewers AND all of those were focused on regurgitating what was on the resume. Every one of the interviewers had a hard copy of the resume in front of them. A couple did some homework, I could tell they read it ahead of wrote in the margins and the other had highlighted some areas. The 1-2 quality questions were asked by one interviewer who inquired into methodologies and commonly practiced evidenced-based models/frameworks. Excellent! We are going somewhere, then it stopped. I left thinking it was very superficial. I just expected a much more sophisticated and deeper examination for talent recruitment of such a highly regarded company.

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We both agreed, I was not a "fit" during this process.

Tell me about yourself.

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What was your biggest accomplishment of your Capstone experience?

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The Division Head was the most challenging b/c it was all phone based and strictly focused on what I had done and could do for the company. It was Behavioraly based and we spoke about my accomplishments and how I could contribute. They were very interested in why I wanted the job. They are definitely looking for a long term commitment. Translating past job experience to how you can assit clients is very important. Understanding the partnerships internally and the ability to work with others cooperatively is very important - which is a good thing!

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Tell me about a time when you worked with an unhappy client? How did you fix the situation? Why consulting? Why Accenture?

Describe a time you experienced failure and what you did in that situation.

Tell me about an international event that had a personal impact on you.

Which business line within human capital would you prefer to work in?

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Why Deloitte?

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Tell me about a time when you had to work with a team if your peers on a project.

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