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Case level of moderate difficulty. Interested in ones' breath of knowledge rather than depth.

What is one challenge you faced and what was the thought process to address that issue?

Nothing unexpected. They were very clear about the process, make sure you know about Deloitte itself.

Why Deloitte?

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Nothing difficult. A lot of behavioral and "why do you want to work here" questions.

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When you encounter a hedious, boring task, how would you deal with it and motivate yourself to complete it?

What are some challenges you face in your current position?

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The case question was rather odd- it involved a lot of HR specific buzzwords that pretty much required you to be familiar with implementing these systems, such as Talent management systems, succession planning, etc. I have a PhD, not an MBA, so I am unsure why they thought this would be a good case to give.

The case wasn't necessarily hard, but I could see it being a little uncomfortable dealing with the ambiguity of that style of question if you're not used to it

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