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How would you change the HR Strategy of a company if it did not align with its overall strategy?

Asked a lot of situational questions that had to do with HR situations that I could be expected to handle in the role I was applying for.

Describe a project of yours that involved data analysis.

What was the thing that attracted me most to Sundt?

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Have you ever done policy documentation. FYI -I have yet to do so.

why morgan stanley? how/why is your accounting background a good fit for this position? Referred to the interests on my resume and asked about that

Give me a specific example of a time when you used good judgment and logic in solving a problem. Describe a major change that occurred in a job that you held. How did you adapt to this change? Do you consider yourself a macro or micro manager? How do you delegate? Why did you choose to work in HR? What is it about Chevron that attracted you to apply?

Tell me about you backgroud

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