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I'm going to give you a scenario just to see how you think. If you had an employee approach you after not being promoted, although they said they were promised the promotion, what would you do?

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Take some time to think about your answer. I had never been in a situation like this before, so I just had to think about what would be appropriate and logical. Ask the employee to tell you what happened, ask if it's still possible for the employee to get the promotion, request to speak to the manger, find out if the manager had the authority to give the promotion, etc.

I have had this situation many times. I would confirm with the employee what type of promotion were they seeking; promotion in job level or into new position. I then do a little research to see what position they currently hold and have held previously, in the company and externally. We have an internal resume, so I would look at that too. I would also ask the employee why she/he were interested, thought she/he were competitive and what she/he did to prepare. This helps me to get a basic understanding if they really were ready for the position. I have found many employees may be ready to move on, but don't understand how to get ready for the next opportunity. They often believe that tenure, "experience" in one position automatically makes them qualified for the next job. The experience they have gained in one position may not have anything to do with the next position, but they believe they should be given the opportunity because of tenure/success in their current role. I would then ask the employee what type of feedback did they get on why they were not selected. If they did not get specific feedback which would help them understand why they were not selected, I follow up with the hiring manager to request a little more detail. I would then provide the feedback to the employee along with additional resources to help them prepare for the next opportunity. I have found this to be successful. Often employees complain because they don't have a clear understanding of the promotion policy and what is needed to grow their career. Providing employees with clear communiction and guidance on the organization's promotion and succession management process and philosophy helps to avoid these types of issues. Thanks.

How I would handle managers or employees who went against company policy.

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How would you handle a big mistake you had made?

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How do you deal with multitask? Have you done something above expectation? How's your Excel skill?

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What do you dislike most about HR?

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What do you see yourself doing in a few years?

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Tell me about your experience

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If an female employee came to you and said she was being harassed sexually by her Manager, how would you handle it?

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Pitch YuMe

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