Human Resources Director Interviews

Human Resources Director Interview Questions

Human Resources Director Interview Questions

"As a Human Resources Director, you'll be responsible for implementing and enforcing new HR policies, handling ethical violations, and keeping the office culture enjoyable and healthy. Expect to discuss your experience working in HR and provide examples of how you've resolved conflicts in the past. Your interviewer will want to know if you are capable of creating and implementing new policies, so be ready to offer suggestions to various HR issues such as employee recruiting or compensation."

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Director of Human Resources was asked...November 28, 2012

Tell me about a time when you were faced with politics in the office that threatened to derail a project.

2 Answers

Give a real life example.

Two colleagues got in a heated argument and refused to work with each other. They both had skills that were essential to completing a group project we were working on, so we couldn’t continue without their cooperation. I brought them into HR one at a time to speak to them one-on-one. I was able to resolve the issue between both of them by finding a middle ground. Less

Big Brothers Big Sisters

What was the most difficult employee relations situation I had been involved in?

1 Answers

The most difficult employee relation issue was dealing with an employee who contrived a story from a conversation he overheard and misunderstood from employees talking in the commons area. He was convinced they were talking negatively about him and he was extremely angry. After many discussions with him he became aware of his mistake. But he still asked to resign because he was embarrassed about his reactions. Less


What can my past experience and education bring as Director of Operations?

1 Answers

Having years of experience in Human Resources and Hospital Billing, you are always brought into some or all aspects of Operations - I assured them that I was the right candidate. Less

Smith & Noble

What strategy would you implement to recruit the best candidates to work for S&N?

1 Answers

One strategy for recruiting strong candidates is to leverage the current employees' networks. If you already hired a competent employee, it's likely he or she knows other competent people, which saves time during candidate searches. Therefore, set up an employee referral system that rewards employees for recommending good candidates. Less

Clearwater Analytics

Describe how you would design and implement a complete employee benefits package including health and retirement programs.

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India

How will ensure that attrition is with acceptable limits of 5 to 8% ?

6 Answers

Contact me

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How long you’ve been in Human Resources?

3 Answers

3 years going on 4 years

15 years

Over 7 years

Alphatec Spine

What type of environment do you thrive in?

3 Answers

I enjoy both the operational and strategic. It is the interpersonal relationships I enjoy, that makes the work more meaningful Less

Before working at CareFusion , I was only exposed to working the office as a single power house of one. Less

Attach to above, after working as a team on more than one project, I found that this was the most effective tool for brainstorming ideas. Team building cut down on meetings and allowed us to walk out with a solution . Further info needed, we could email for final approval. Less

Childrens Community Services

COO’s first interview question was “Are you currently employed?”and went downhill from there.

3 Answers

Unable to answer this and other questions because she repeatedly cut me off and ended the meeting after 10 -15 minutes. Less

I went through the same experience when i went in for an interview. I was questioned about the number of people i moved out from my previous job then she insulted me saying i stayed at my last job for only 6 months and they weren't even jobs they were internships. I kept it pushing. After all the gas and toll money wasn't worth it. Social services starting to be about business and not helping the less fortunate coming from my experience interviewing with them. Best of luck to you all. Less

I had the same experience and they made me wait for 1 1/2 hours. I was rushed out like I was bothering her. If you don't want late interviews then don't set them up, I wasn't the one who asked for that time. Less

LA Fitness

Question : Tell me about yourself

2 Answers

They don't really care, they were just trying to sell me $250 every two weeks, below minimum wage job. Less

My name is Tony, I'm a first lieutenant in the lebanese army, with a diploma from the United States army in ABOLC course, I have a diploma as a fitness expert from step ahead sports school, A certificate in personal training, Sports nutrition, strength and conditioning and finally in post rehabilitation. I'm a bodybuilding competitor men's physique category, got the first place in the lebanese bodybuilding contest three years in a row and competed in mr. Olympia amateur india 2017 and placed in rank 7. Less

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