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Describe a situation where you disagreed with the decision of a higher authority, and how you responded.

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Things won't always go the way that I anticipate, and senior management often has their own reasons for taking things a different direction. It's important that I express my differences respectfully, but also yield to the ultimate decision makers and perform my best.

What have you been doing since you left your last position?

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Behavioral Base Questions- Scenario Based

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If you were shrunk to the size of a nickel and placed in a blender how would you get yourself out? (can't use superhero answer)

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What is your weakness? How would you explain your management approach? Why should we hire you? A lot of 'explain a time when,,,,' questions

How prior experience will be relevant to role interviewing for

What type of people do you least like to work with.

One must be thoroughly prepared to discuss area of expertise. There wasn't a far out or unexpected question from my perspective however, if the candidate isn't prepared to discuss his/her area of expertise, he/she will not fair well.

No difficult questions. Behavioral type, skill set related.

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