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The manager stated everyone has to start from the bottom. Well, if someone already has a professional career and is developing that, why do they have to go door to door selling Verizon just to be a HR Receptionist. He stated he didn't just get a fancy degree and start where he's at. This portrayed arrogance and I was in no way interested with the process after that. I have a degree and a good 10+yrs of professional career that should amount to something

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1. Try to see the bigger picture, not everyone is endowed in sales so that should not be the defining career factor for every interviewee 2.Have the manager be at the office if he will be interviewing people. I was on time and the manager just briskly walked in and was calling people in without much awareness of what an interview process entails 3. Tone down the perfume...I went in to the interview and could barely breathe as to all the cologne lingering in the air in the office

Tell me about your analytical skills? I don't know why I sort of froze on this, but I feel I am a awful interviewer. I have a lot of talent and ambition but like a test I freeze at an interview.

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What is an important factor when working in a company

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If we were to contact your previous employer what skill set would they say would be most beneficial to our company if selected for a position.

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Tell me about your current responsibilities? Why are you leaving your current job? What salary are you looking for? What questions do you have for me?

Is it an easy commuter for you to get to this office?

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