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If I handed you a rubiks cube and told you that it had to be solved by tomorrow, how would you respond?

9 Answers

I got the feeling that my answer wasn't the one they were hoping to hear, as I answered that I would gather a team to see if anyone had insight or expertise to solve it, and that if given an unrealistic time frame to solve some problem of such complexity I would shoot back to the leaders in charge of the project that it WAS unrealistic. I think they were looking for me to say that I would solve the problem at all costs.

Such questions are really stupid IMHO and I feel like punching the interviewer for asking crap like this. I don't think such questions prove anything. A person can be really good at handling situations but not respond likewise and a pretentious person can do very well in such cases but do a horrible job when hired. Please interviewers stop with such questions!

If I were asked this question I would say, "You'll have it today". How you do it isn't too important, there are literally a million ways to "solve" the rubiks cube they're handing you, it's not a cube, it's any problem they need solved, just get it done as soon as you can, wouldn't you like it if you asked someone to do something & they went above & beyond? Whether it's an inter-office request or anything else, you are always either someone's customer or vendor & this is called "giving excellent customer service". This question is begging for Excellent Customer Service.

Was I married and did I expect to stay married .

2 Answers

What, would, uh, you do if you caught your supervisor sleeping?

1 Answer

Would I be willing to relocate

1 Answer

If you belong in retail you already know the questions

1 Answer

How can you reduce Shrink?

1 Answer

What was your greatest hiring success story?

1 Answer

What steps would you take with a employee who did not act according to policy, or your standards.

1 Answer

What is your availability?

1 Answer

If you had worked as hard as you did in law school as you did in undergrad, would you have done better in undergrad?

1 Answer
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