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Consultant Interview Questions in Huntsville, AL


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How has your attitude effected your work with a customer

1 Answer

I always have a positive and inviting attitude and try to make the customers smile or laugh. I often had people call the manager just to tell them how nice the cashier (me) was to them.

What would you consider to be your biggest weakness? / Why should we hire you instead of the other people we have interviewed?

1 Answer

How do you handle pressure? How do you feel about meeting a goal or expectation? Tell us a little about you? Give examples of how you work independently.

What are some examples of times where you overcame an issue to help out a customer?

They want to make sure you have an entrepreneurial spirit, so keep that in mind when taking the personality test. Additionally, if you are not entrepreneurial, or have never owner a business or been self-employed, this will be a hard job for you.

Give me an example of a time you experienced a conflict with a coworker, how do you handle it?

What are your goals for what you are looking for from a position?

There were no random questions, typical interview questions that you can easily prepare for.

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