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Server Interview Questions in Huntsville, AL

Restaurants count on servers to provide exceptional customer service regardless of the situation. Interviewers will be looking for candidates who are skilled in communicating, multitasking, and maintaining a friendly attitude under pressure. Make sure to be familiar with the restaurant's menu items, understand standard restaurant operations, and know how to respond to an unsatisfied customer.

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"when can you start?"

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(if working with previous friends or significant others) do you think this will be a problem down the road?

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What were my long term goals ...

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What would you do if you saw that one of your co workers was not "pulling their weight"?

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What does hospitality mean to you?

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the process for interviewing was some what quick and easy. General questions with a manager and hiring time is quick as well. Very good process for the job and the questions are standard for the role.

Name a time that you personally solved a guest conflict...

What does success and teamwork mean to you?

Have you had our food? What is your favorite?

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