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Ask about my HVAC experience, how I would deal with difficult customers, Where would I want to be in 10 years did I have any hobbies

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Very well and professional

Describe the heat loads the need to be considered when designing an HVAC system.

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Talk about your projects from school.

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Do you prefer HVAC design or high performance building design?

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1) What is Ohm's Law? 2) What is the power formula? 3) What was your least and most favorite class as an undergrad? 4) Do you have any experience with AUTOCAD? 5) What are you strengths and weaknesses? 6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 7) Why did you choose the university you graduated from? 8) How do you feel about working in teams? 9) Tell us about yourself 10) Can you troubleshoot a computer? 11) Any experience with Microsoft Office?

How much experience do you have with AutoCAD and Revit?

We have had students from your school in the past and they were not good interns. What makes you better than them?

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