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Director Interview Questions in Hyderabad, India

"When applying for a position as a director, be prepared to have your leadership skills and judgement tested by many case studies. These scenarios help employers understand what kind of leader you will be for a team or department at their company, so confidence, quick thinking, and examples of how you have fixed similar problems in the past will be highly advantageous towards receiving an offer."

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Why position the business as a boutique firm targeting technology startups only. Why not the large services companies with volume potential

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As a service provider, we aspire to work as partners than vendors. We would get that mainly with startups than with businesses ahead in the maturity curve

Tell me about yourself

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About my hobbies and experience in handling cultural issues.

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Why are you changing, What is the most memorable situation you had in your job, Why should we take you, what is your approach to the new job

Everything per expectation. Nothing really out of ordinary

Deeper and difficult scenarios in the area of expertise. The toughest challenge faced as a software professional in the given project and how did I solve it. (I am avoiding a lot of specifics here for confidentiality sake).

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In case of an escalation from the client regarding a poor delivery, how would you rectify the position and turn it to your advantage.

About past experience

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