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Given a string "aaabbbcc", compress it, = "a3b3c2" . Given that output string's length is always smaller than input string, you have do it inplace. No extra space

28 Answers

public static String cstr(String a){ if(a.length()<2){return a;} if(a.length()==2){if(a.charAt(0)==a.charAt(1)){return a.charAt(0)+"2";}else{return a;}} for(int i=0;i

#include #include #include #define STR_SIZE 26 int main() { /* Current char sequence tracker */ char *c = NULL; char *b = NULL; char *str = (char*)malloc(STR_SIZE * sizeof(char)); if(NULL == str) return -1; memcpy(str, "aaaabbbcceeeeefffffff", 26); b = c = str; printf("Input: %s\n", b); while(*str) { if(*(str+1) != *str) // Repeat sequence ends { // Add 48 so the count gets printed as a char *(c+1) = ((str-c+1)+48); // Updated count, copy rest of the string starting after the count position memcpy(c+2, str+1, strlen(str)); // Update c to point to the new char repeat sequence c = c+2; } str++; } /* b was initialized to point to str up top, proving it was done in place */ printf("Output:%s\n", b); free(b); b = NULL; return 0; }

String test="aavvvqwqaa"; int count=0,start=0,end=0; int length=test.length(); for(int i=0;i

Assume a matrix of integers they are sorted in boh row and column vice .. how do u find a given number from the matrix in a optimal way?

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Given an array of numbers, nums, return an array of numbers products, where products[i] is the product of all nums[j], j != i. Input : [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] Output: [(2*3*4*5), (1*3*4*5), (1*2*4*5), (1*2*3*5), (1*2*3*4)] = [120, 60, 40, 30, 24] You must do this in O(N) without using division.

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out of 25 horses select the fastest three in minimum number of races where in each race there would be exactly five horses.

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You are given a fixed number of 5 rupee, 10 rupee, 20 rupee and 50 rupee stamps. Now given an amount for sending a parcel, you should design an algorithm to come out with the minimum number of stamps that should be used for attaining that amount. For example, if the parcel costed 30 rupees, it could be attained using one 20 rupee stamp and one 10 rupee stamp OR using three 10 rupee stamps OR using one 20 rupee stamp and two 5 rupee stamps OR using one 10 rupee stamp and four 5 rupee stamps OR using two 10 rupee stamps and two 5 rupee stamps. However, the minimum number of stamps is the case of one 20 rupee stamp and one 10 rupee stamp where only two stamps are used. The case where no solution is possible should also be handled, for example, a parcel amount of exactly 33 rupees cannot be attained.

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if there are 6 people in a team, how many handshakes will be there

8 Answers

Consider a stack of N number of cards which are piled up and in facing down. Each card has a unique number from the range 1 to N. The card is stacked in such a way that it exhibits the following behavior: Take the first card and put it under the stack without revealing. Now the next card on the top will have the number 1 on it. Next take 2 cards one after the other and put is under the stack without revealing. Yes you guessed it right - the next card on the top will reveal a value of 2. This goes on. Eg. for such a series : 9,1,8,5,2,4,7,6,3,10 [for N=10] Write a program to generate such a series for a given N number of cards so that this behavior can be exercised.

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Write code to count the number of bytes used for the int data type.

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Find count of unique characters in a given string

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The questions were all fairly basic owing to the fact that the people applying are freshers and don't have prior interview experience.

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