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Regional Sales Manager Interview Questions in Hyderabad, India


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As most of my previous experience was back in united kingdom so challenging question was how am i going to dealt with Indian working style, customer base and etc.

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As i worked in London that is more than great experience with diversified culture base so it is very easy to understand and accustomed to my home country and culture. but i need to put more effort to get to my frequency with every employee.

How will you bring PCPM of 1.5 Lac In 3 Months Time.

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1. One of your very valuable client recommended implementing Computer Masti (CM) to his friend who is Trustee for a chain of schools at Cochin. The initial discussions were very smooth and based on recommendation and your sales pitch, the Trustee accepted the offer.However, problems started surfacing soon after that. Firstly, the Teachers Training which was to be conducted at IIT Bombay during vacation could not happen. Now the schools have begun, so teachers cannot travel to Bombay. Secondly, books which were supposed to be delivered by first week of June are delayed and you expect them to reach the school by June end. The books are already under printing. Now, the Trustee is very angry and does not want to continue implementing CM. He has complained about the same to your client and in turn he too is upset. What will be your approach now? How will you handle this?

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2. You approached a prospective school which is very famous and can be your star customer.You envision using this school as a model school after successful implementation. The Principal of the school leaves the entire decision on the IT Co-ordinator who is a very influential man and can make or break this decision. This individual is very mean and straight forwardly asks you about his commission. He wants a 10% cut on the total revenue generated. There is no other way to secure this order than to please this gentleman. You somehow do not want to lose this order. What will you do?

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They asked totally about my biography

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what will be the expected sales if we hire you?

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