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IBM Interview Questions

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What reporting tools have you used? Actuate, Brio, Crystal Reports? How much experience have you had in scheduling jobs on Unix? Can you write XML and implement it?

1 Answer

The interviewer was interested in breath of experience rather than specific technical skill. Unix work with scheduling and XML skills are necessary, but not heavy (the same procedures are done over and over again). Emphasis was on selling yourself through experience.

Give us an example where you previously used procurement knowledge and also high analytical thinking.

1 Answer

How do you run an Agile meeting?

2 Answers

to developd to class software describe it

3 Answers

There are eight silver coins and one counterfeit coin. that looks like a silver coin but actually weighs slightly less than the others. By using a balance scale to compare coins (or groups of coins) whats the minimum number of times you have to use the scale to guarantee that you find the lightest coin? Explain your answe

4 Answers

"What is sysprep, and how is it used in an everyday computer enviornment?"

2 Answers

Why do you choose IBM as your future employer?

2 Answers

I wasn't expecting questions about management and team work since it was a technical job. Questions like how did you work with the team when deadlines were not met or working with someone who was not a good collaborator, etc.

2 Answers

Which is better: RAID 0+1 or RAID 1+0?

2 Answers

1. Industry versus academia. Why do you want to work for industry and particularly for IBM Research. 2. Salary expectation. Check glassdoor.

1 Answer
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