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How to make sure the 2-stage opamp is stable? How does the compensation work?

5 Answers

Use compensation capacitor. Look up pole splitting which uses Miller effect on the capacitor.

By constructing current mirror circuit using op-amp 741 through compensation resistor at the feedback side. Finally the input and output of the op-amp gets compensated.

Using Miller compensation. A compensation capacitor across the 2nd stage to create pole splitting. A series resistor to the cap might be needed to solve the rhp zero problem

Overall ok . Didn't any one question to be very difficult

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Why did you leave job A when you transferred to job B in the past?

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We have lunch right now, you are welcome to join us

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TI Fellow asked me this question: If you're hired, your job will be to design a power supply, that I haven't been able to figure out. How will you go about it?

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I was fully qualified for the job and I was able to answer all of the questions as far as I remember. I remember it being more of a conversation than a set of questions. I thought the line of questioning was just fine.

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Technical questions about IC, I have been ask to love real problem, how I would approach this particular problem, often with not enough data, and ambitious situation. I referred to previous experience to overcome these questions.

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Why would people come if I try to hire them into Maxlinear.

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signal degradation in daisy chain

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