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Community Health System - CA
RN - ICU was asked...July 31, 2020

Describe your current struggles at your place of employment with COVID-19

2 Answers

The unit is isolated so the patients have not struggled too much but the staff has been put under some pressure with staffing and PPE conservation Less

what staffing agency did you apply through?

why u choosing this country and this job

1 Answers

i like the country,and serve the people

Mackenzie Health

How would you deal with a situation where your colleague is calling off sick but he is working at another hospital. Would you report it to the manager? A patient is brought to hospital having chest pain, has history of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. He gets to your unit stable and starts to have more chest pain. How would you start the assessment ?

1 Answers

For real there is nothing more important than human beings life, So for sure alerting my colleague would be best choice first if it doesn't work reporting to manager can be final choice. it is not something I would like to do as we have to make trust but over all values Human beings live is more important. High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure, We could take his vital sign first and an ECG also. a diuretic for decreasing his blood pressure and for his cholesterol the physician can give me a pill. Less

Madera Community Hospital

How do you keep organized?

1 Answers

I use a brain sheet I made myself in nursing school

Skin Vitality Medical Clinics

The interviewer kept advising me of the talented nursing staff particularly one nurse who I respect and appreciate her skills. It was a different interview.

1 Answers

I advised that was good for their company so happy for them.

RWJBarnabas Health
ICU Nurse was asked...January 1, 2019

How do you keep your knowledge current?

1 Answers

I subscribe different nursing journals. I've been reviewing current NCLEX questions. I subscribe to Medscape for Nurses. Less

Regional Medical Center of San Jose
RN ICU was asked...January 4, 2016

Tell me a time when your patient deteriorated and what you did.

1 Answers

Tell me a time when you have conflict/ problem with another staff.

Research Medical Center

You walk into your patients room and they are not breathing. What happens next?

1 Answers

I said you call for a teammate's help and begin to bag the patient if they are not on the vent. If they are on the vent, check the connections, trouble shoot the vent and then bag if necessary. Less

Duke University Health System

How would you handle a difficult patient?

1 Answers

With respect

American Mobile Healthcare

What is your experience in and how many years?

1 Answers

ICU; 11 years

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