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Describe your current struggles at your place of employment with COVID-19

2 Answers

The unit is isolated so the patients have not struggled too much but the staff has been put under some pressure with staffing and PPE conservation

what staffing agency did you apply through?

How do you keep organized?

1 Answer

How would you handle a difficult patient?

1 Answer

Do I call out often?

1 Answer

What do you perceive are your strengths as a nurse? Your weaknesses?

1 Answer

You walk into your patients room and they are not breathing. What happens next?

1 Answer

How long is your experience as a nurse

1 Answer

Why did you choose nursing?

1 Answer

You walk into your patient's room and the monitor shows this rhythm... (they show you a heart rhythm) What do you do?

1 Answer

Is there anything you have learned about your last challenging job experience?

1 Answer
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