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if you can buy with x amount of money 7 kg of apples, by

  dropping the price by 0,25 you could buy one more kg. What money did you have initially?
at kearney

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Answer: You had [16; 18) money

1. Dropping the price on 8 kg by 0,25 allows you to buy 1 additional kg, so 1 kg costs 0,25*8=2
2. Buying 8 kg at a price of 2 costs 2*8=16
3. Buying 8 kg at a price of 2,25 would cost 2*8+0,25*8=18
4. Therefore, initially you had at least 16 but less than 18 money.

Easy on May 23, 2011

p = price, x = total money

7p = x
8(p - 0.25) = x
7p = 8(p -0.25)
7p = 8p - 2
2 = p
x = 14

answer is 14. this one's pretty easy

td45 on Jul 5, 2011

If you look in the Kaplan Gmat 800 you will see the problem...so I do not think it is "easy"...maybe after you think about it for more than the time you have available for their test (around 1.5 minutes)..or if you have practiced from the Gmat books...
I have posted the questions for people to know what to expect ...not to have people answer it over and over .....
I would have been more ok with the main idea....hit the Gmat 800 books and you may pass it....not people posting the answer to it over and over again....

me on Jul 5, 2011

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