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Operations Analyst Interview Salt Lake City, UT

if you want to do well, prepare following questions: 1. why

  GS 2. why operations 3. tell me one experience you have that improved a process's efficiency 4. asked lots of team experiences 5. r u always a leader or you have leader qualities Go through your resume carefully, they ask deep questions on what you listed in resume. For example, i was an accounting major student, they asked "what is the most difficult formula you have used in excel?" "ranking 1 for best 10 for worst, how will you rank your excel skill?" "how did you review a financial statement?" I am pretty sure they just want to hear your logic, understand how you think. Also be honest! In the first interview, they asked me "what is risk control?" I said i dont know but i could give a definition and example based on my experiences and understanding. After i finished my story, they were pleased and told me "we only hiring honest ppl, thx for being honest."

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