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Imagery Analyst was asked...February 12, 2021

Why do what to work here

1 Answers

Because your hiring and I need employment.

US Army

Why are we doing (fill in the blanks)?

1 Answers


US Army

What were your interests in school?

1 Answers

I was a History major with a minor in Art History and focus on Medieval and Renaissance Art and Culture. Less


What are the benefits of SAR data and have I used it before?

1 Answers

Synthetic Aperture Radar can penetrate cloud cover and darkness, so it's most useful for studying real time satellite imagery, geography and natural disasters. I used it for a few projects in my technical diploma program. Less

Was a phone interview and just asked me questions about what I'm like

1 Answers

Answer truthfully. They're pretty good at spotting liars.


if you drive 35 mph, you will late for 1 hour. 50 mph ahead for 0.5 hour. How far is it?

1 Answers

Distance = 175 miles Time = 4 hrs If you drive 35 mph, it will take 5 hrs. If you drive 50 mph, it will take 3.5hrs. Less


There weren't really any questions that were too difficult since I was qualified for the position.

Wright State University

Tell me about yourself


Probability and Geometry questions

The Sanborn Map Company

If travel would be a problem and if I had the ability to be flexible and open to move withing hours of receiving a phone call to get to a job.

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