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What were your interests in school?

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I was a History major with a minor in Art History and focus on Medieval and Renaissance Art and Culture.

Was a phone interview and just asked me questions about what I'm like

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if you drive 35 mph, you will late for 1 hour. 50 mph ahead for 0.5 hour. How far is it?

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If travel would be a problem and if I had the ability to be flexible and open to move withing hours of receiving a phone call to get to a job.

Tell us about a work experience when something did not go as planned. How did you handle it?

Write a program about Fibonacci number.

Phone screening: Expect to be asked about current world events, remote sensing, problem solving, the future of the GIS industry, and national security priorities. 1 on 1 or panel interview: Expect to be asked your motivation for applying, your five-year career goals, what is your favorite book and why, basic problem solving scenarios (be sure to think aloud), and more questions about how GIS can help solve global security problems.

If you don't already have a security clearance, getting one and the accompanying polygraphs is the most difficult part of getting the job. The corporate staff was professional and had their act together, so they help guide you through the process.

When was a time you had to overcome adversity?

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