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The questions were actually incredibly easy. The most difficult part was believing that they only wanted the answer to what they were asking.

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If you are asked about production, only answer with possibilities that could directly have an influence on production. This is not the time to try to solve all the company's problems.

Case study: Where I was to determine how much one factory needed to produce X to have the equivalent cost to tons produced ratio as another factory. Graph was given of costs (fixed and variable) vs tons produced of both factories.

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It was a business specific question. "You get a client on the phone and she says that her clients are not showing up for class on Monday and it most be something in the system so she wants an email to be sent out specifically for that request but our system is incapable of doing that. How do you respond?"

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Why are you wanting to leave your current job?

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Why customer service or why technical support?

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I was asked two or three questions over the interview process having to do with my own personal successes and why they were important to me. Another similar question was "Tell us about a time when you went above and beyond the call of duty to help someone when it was personally inconvenient for you."

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If you had a super power what would it be?

How would you handle an irate customer?

Just the standard Business Cases. You need knowledge in business, don't let them fool you on your web site. Mergers/Acquisitions, Profit problems, Outsourcing Problems, etc...

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