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What is one way you've 'Shown personality"?

It was a case about the wild life training program who wanted to open the market to corporate CEOs instead of children, including profit analysis, non-financial perks, thing along those lines.

Solve a case and provide experience examples (leadership, problem solving)

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They inquired to how I aligned with the MINDBODY Core Values and then very basic questions like, what was the last book I read and how I felt about it.

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Why I was a good fit for the position?

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Operations specific questions. Study shop floor improvement processes - not definitions like (EOQ, DPMO) but specific questions like how would you improve productivity, increase capacity.

The evaluative portions of the interview included three case studies ranging from manufacturing and production, to IT related profitability problems. PEI included questions related to the most challenging work situation you've been in.

Describe a time you lead a team through a difficult/challenging situation.

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