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How did you like working at Sullivan & Cromwell? Please describe some of your work.

1 Answer

I enjoyed working at Sullivan & Cromwell and then I explained some of the projects on which I worked.

Did you like working in Kenai, AK?

1 Answer

Be sure to be well prepared for the interview and have a good understanding about the work you will do and the corporate culture.

How did my hobbies relate to what I want to do with my career

1 Answer

They want specifics about your current employment, more so than I expected.

Legal questions, where the CFO, who has no legal experience, looked up terms on wikipedia.

Why did I want to work at Celanese? What did I know about Celanese? Asked me about compensation requirements immediately.

Assessment: You prefer to work with with a team rather than independently. (1-5 rating of how true this statement is to you) Phone interview 1: Behavioral/opinion questions with yes/no answers, oftentimes followed by explanation or example. (Should managers pay more attention to high performing employees or low performing employees?; Do you believe in pay for performance?; Would you consider yourself a self-starter? etc.) Phone interview 2: Same style as phone interview 1. Face-to-Face: Traditional interview. (Tell me about yourself; Why Gallup?) Phone interview 3: same as Face-to-face.

1 Answer

I don't really know what an intern does in this office, but tell me about why you are interested in working here?

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