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Incident Manager Interview Questions

When interviewing for a position as an incident manager, you can expect to be asked about your experience with different IT frameworks, personal incident management methods, and basic managerial skills. The interviewer may provide you with scenarios where different incidents occur within the service desk department to observe the processes you would use to categorize, prioritize, and respond to the incidents.

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What do you want to get out of this job?

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I had to think about it. I wanted to learn a new skill and gain some experience that might make me a good manager down the road. Better to have that speech down before.

General IT questions about network, troubleshooting, resource management etc. More specific questions about steps followed to resolve D/R problems like system outages and network disruptions. One of the interviewers asked minimal questions and spent the least amount of time with me, but spent that time picking apart my resume trying to find issues with the info I provided. Of the four people I spoke to, he seemed the least comfortable and the most rushed (likely new to his position...just my opinion). My final interview was with the hiring manager and after answering his questions he provided a fairly in-depth description of the network architecture that was in place for delivering TV content to their subscribers, which I found quite interesting.

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didi i know Excel and powerpoint and Service-Now was asked to send an example of an excel spreadsheet and explain my findings

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The manager asked why I want to work for Disney? This was expected, so I was ready.

How/why do you think you would be a good fit for this position?

Questions were more related to specific situations and how to handle them.

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How would you investigate a nation state breach from start to finish be detailed as possible. How would you identify webshells and dll injection. How would an attacker achieve both. All the technical questions were scenario based instead of your traditional "What-is" questions which I prefer.

How would you change our current business model? Three strengths and weaknesses. Questions were more directed towards my resume.

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