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Incident Manager Interview Questions

When interviewing for a position as an incident manager, you can expect to be asked about your experience with different IT frameworks, personal incident management methods, and basic managerial skills. The interviewer may provide you with scenarios where different incidents occur within the service desk department to observe the processes you would use to categorize, prioritize, and respond to the incidents.

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The question was; What explains this drop in Events/Incidents?

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Why does ___ no longer work for customers?

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name a time you had a anger customer and what did you do?

What KPIs do you need?

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I expected professionalism and there was none. I wasn’t really asked any type of interview questions, he just kept reiterating what was on my resume, “so you worked at American Express…” that sort of thing.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

"I'm thinking of an object in my head that is also in the room. You can only ask me 5 questions to figure out what it is. What will you ask?"

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Since my previous experience was related to incident management, pure grilling on the same questions like, challenges, strategy, resolution, why, what how ?

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