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What make/model of vehicle do you have?

3 Answers

I filled in my vehicle make/model (SUV), and am now able to accept longer delivery blocks that pay more.

Kia Sorento/ 2012 suv

2011 Kia Sorento suv a

Have I drove doubles before

2 Answers

Why are you concerned with employee moral and health when it isn't important to us?

2 Answers

Why do you want to work from home?

2 Answers

Do yous see yourself working Monday through Saturday, 11A-8PM? Do you feel comfortable with going D2D, speaking with people? Do you want to rapidly advance within the company? Is working for commission OK with you? General Q's about my resume.

2 Answers

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What is the first room you would start to clean? Why?

2 Answers

Driving experience , knowledge of the city, driving record

1 Answer

Questions include: Describe your experience level with MS office and give an example of an problem you encountered and how you solved it.

1 Answer

How comfortable are you talking to people?

1 Answer

Do you have car insurance?

1 Answer
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