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Interview questions in Indianapolis, IN

Salesforce Interviews in Indianapolis /  HQ: San Francisco, CA

104 Interviews in Indianapolis (of 2,941)

3.2 Average

Eli Lilly and Company Interviews in Indianapolis /  HQ: Indianapolis, IN

98 Interviews in Indianapolis (of 438)

3.1 Average

Interactive Intelligence Interviews in Indianapolis /  HQ: Daly City, CA

81 Interviews in Indianapolis (of 151) / Acquired by Genesys

3.0 Average

Interview Questions in Indianapolis

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How do you decide which grants to apply for and which ones not to?

1 Answer

I've always been very lucky in that at each of my jobs I've had the lattitude to make those decisions. I've been able to make those decisions - relatively on my own - because I maintain excellent communications with program and other staff so that I always know organizational needs and wants. As I'm doing research or as opportunities arise, I'm generally able to take advantage of them because I'm always abreast of what's going on funding-wise and organizationally.

We simulated a tech support call.

1 Answer

How do you handle a situation where one of your employees is just not getting the hang of selling/able to perform up to our standards?

1 Answer

Describe a time when you used common sense.

4 Answers

What's the square root of i?

2 Answers

What are your your expectations from Monarch Beverage.

2 Answers

is it alright to take money from the cash register?

2 Answers

Name 5 things you could use a gallon of water and a styrofoam cup for that don't involve holding water.

2 Answers

Name a time at one of your previous occupations you had a conflict with another employee.

2 Answers

My personal failure

2 Answers
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