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Toughest project experience, time when I disagreed with a manager and how I dealt with it

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For a company who brags about the attention they give their employees (specifically through the videos) even though they are a large corporation, I definitely did NOT get this experience. After watching the videos on the website about employment at GEICO, I felt like GEICO was a wonderful place to work where employees got the attention they need to succeed. But the first step to getting a job there is getting hired, and if they hire people through this testing procedure that DOESN'T include an interview, there is no way employees receive the attention they claim to give at the actual job. Overall, I was disappointed I missed class and work to spend my day at GEICO doing testing when I didn't even get to talk to anyone, I just sat in front of a computer.

What questions do you have for me?

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Say you have worker who consistently meets the expectations of their role, but you know they are capable of more. How would you address this employee?

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Give us a 5 minute presentation on how recent events have impacted our business (was given a couple of weeks to prepare)?

Behavioral questions - If you had a difficult customer what would you do? How do you lead your teams?

How did you improve safety in the workplace.

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What is a recent event in the media that would have an impact on Rolls-Royce?

Do you plan on getting a masters degree? Do you plan on pursuing a masters full time or part time? Have you had any leadership roles? The base salary starts at $40,000, how does that sound to you? What other companies are you applying to? Rate Geico as compared to the other companies you are applying to? How did you find out about this position?

I didn't make it that far that they asked questions...