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Boston Scientific
Industrial Engineer Intern was asked...October 12, 2012

Please describe the types of Inventory in a manufacturing facility.

2 Answers

Google it.

Raw goods, work in process, finished goods.

US Postal Service

Describe what you would do if your boss assigned you a project that he needed completed in 4 weeks but you realize that it actually takes 6 weeks to complete, but your boss tells you that 4 weeks is the max time you have on it. What would you do?

1 Answers

I would explain to my boss that this is a project that needs more time , but still would utilize my resources to so my best to complete the project by the desired time frame. Less

Intel Corporation

Smart method questions. Mostly situations questions.

1 Answers

Not well


Describe a time you had analyzed something and how you went about it (not worded the same but something like this).

1 Answers

Talked about a course I took in school that required me to understand data in a program for a simulated competition, how I analysed it and applied it to communicating with members of my team, and how we reached milestones and won second place because of our ability to respond to the interpreted data. Less


What is one instance where you were challenged?

DHL Express

Describe yourself in one word

Baker Hughes

What I an example you lead through adversity?

Honda of America Mfg.

Explain a time where you had to implement a continuous improvement processes or when you had to go back and improve something more than once.

Johnson & Johnson

Tell me a little about yourself.

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