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What do you like about being an Industrial Engineer

3 Answers

That i can work in a variety of fields and projects therefore i can never get bored. There is always something new

Nothing...because an industrial engineer doesn't do anything that wouldn't be done better my a statistician, mechanical engineer, or electrical engineer.

I can use mathematics and computer science to help people make better decision and make more profit. with this process, you can also be a wise man.

tell me about a situation when you did this or that....

2 Answers

The most difficult part of the hiring process was the security clearance issues.

2 Answers

Asked to extract numbers from a list of alphanumeric strings. For example if string is "qw34rt56", new list should contain 34 and 56. New list should have unique numbers and should be in ascending order. They requested write complete code and tell over the phone.

2 Answers

Tell me about urself

1 Answer

What is your interest in semiconductors?

1 Answer

One of the HR members asked what a common misconception is about me. That question took me back a little.

1 Answer

What are your weaknesses

1 Answer

Why does PCTEL Inc. not employ someone to perform necessary Manufacturing and Building Analysis for significant improvements. There is a lot on improvement potention in the PCTEL Manufacturing and Distribution operation, and it operates in a very loose, non-efficient and unkept style.

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