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What's you excat role?

1 Answer

Why would you want to work for this company? Why wouldn't you want to work in a healthcare? (There's a great deal of demand for the skills I have in the healthcare industry.)

1 Answer

Where are you located, typical behavioral type questions

Are familiar with Human Capital Management (HCM) business?

Tell us about your educational and work background, why you're looking for a new job, etc.

Tell me about a time where you used your expertise from one of your projects and applied it to another to solve a different kind of problem.

Tell me about a time when...

1 Answer

Nothing particular. They are interested to know your past projects and how you will apply the past experience into current work

All of the questions were fairly standard. There were many questions where they asked to tell me about a time when you demonstrated this skill. Often I felt like I had already demonstrated that in a previous example, but came up with another example that fit just as well.

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