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Industrial Manufacturing interview questions

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Interview Questions

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Tell us about a situation where you had to deal with a difficult employee.

1 Answer

Approached the situation with caution, sat the individual down and talked out what issues were driving the root cause.

They asked about my experience in purchasing and procurement

1 Answer

How will you position the current legacy product considering that the next generation product is beginning to be offered.

1 Answer

How would you handle a problem employee who will not/can not pull their weight?

1 Answer

The hardest question that caught me off guard, was when they asked if I was good with conflict resolution and how I deal with conflict.

1 Answer

You will likely be asked simple technical questions (e.g. solve an equation or diagnose an issue). As an example for a mechanical engineer, "how does an easy bake oven work?" The point is to answer the question as fully as possible

1 Answer

I was asked about if a machine failed and a frustrated production worker was on that machine when it failed, how do you deal with the production worker while you working to fix that machine as they tend to get more frustrated the longer the machine is down?

1 Answer

What is a typical sales call for you?

1 Answer

He asked me "how do you improve the production issues that are causing quality issues"

1 Answer
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