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Informatica Interviews  /  HQ: Redwood City, CA

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Corporacion en Investigacion Tecnologica e Informatica Interviews  /  HQ: Monterrey

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Arenal Informatica Interviews  /  HQ: Madrid

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Informatica Interview Questions

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Could you tell me how to tie my shoe?

1 Answer

I bent down and tied my shoe. As I was going through the process, I told the team leader what I was doing as I was doing it. This question may seem silly, but it says a lot about your ability to communicate troubleshooting steps to your callers. You will have to go into detail when troubleshooting a caller's problem.

All their questions were easy to answer, but when I hit them with questions, they didn't like it and even called my recruiter and lied on me then shot the job out to tons of agencies calling me for same job I had just interviewed for 5 mins, ago. How unprofessional is that.

1 Answer

The most unexpected question was if I ever was faced with a situation that I personally felt jeopardized my integrity and if so, how did I handle that.

1 Answer

What would you do if you encountered a situation, during a sales cycle, in which you realized that the product would not work for a customer?

1 Answer

What was your most difficult customer situation?

1 Answer

go-to-market strategy

1 Answer

None that I recall. Very standard interview questions/process.

1 Answer

Questions were based on my strengths which was Java. But it tested your overall skills and knowledge of all the basic technologies. Included questions and problems on Java, OS details, Networking, Servers, Databases, RDBMS Theory, Designing, Troubleshooting, Case Studies and possibly everything you can think of. The interviews also got a bit of background on my projects and courses.

1 Answer

After the role play I was asked if I had any questions.

1 Answer

Difference between hashtable and hashmap

1 Answer
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