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Questions were either generic about DoD and government experience, but some were strangely specific about a issues or problems they might have had with the individual in the position before. Gave me a bad feeling that whomever took the position was going to be fighting the ghost of the person before.

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Standard technical answers about rules and regulations of different government agencies. Tried to answer the weird "person" work issue/problems with the standard touchie-feelie answers. You'd have to be an idiot to answer those any other way.

Asked about experience with IC information assurance policy.

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The tennis balls & 747 question. I didn't expect this question mainly because I feel most people that ask those type of questions don't necessarily understand why they ask them. I don't think I would ask a question like this.

There were no unexpected of difficult parts during the interview.

Tell us about your shortcomings or areas you see yourself as needing improvement.

Don't remember all of the questions but many were related to linux/unix administration and configuration management as well as network monitoring tools. I'm more of a windows admin so not all of the tools they mentioned were familiar to me.

Questions were from both the hiring manager and a panel of those I would be working with on the program. Basically a review of my resume and some additional questions to make sure my resume wasn't BS.

If you had a choice, what would be your job of choice?

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Describe why i should hire you rather than one of your peers?

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