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All the questions were canned simple questions. Like tell me about yourself and what experience do you have in Systems Engineering.

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Just answered with my years of experience.

I was given an opportunity to present on a topic of interest.

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Do a technical presentation on a topic no one in the room knows about. Be thorough in explaining the core concepts and by all means, showcase the depth of your knowledge.

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When can you start?

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Ohio State or Michigan

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Due to the nature of the work that you will perform (which is ill-defined upfront), the questions vary wildly, but, the most perplexing question was - "Why do you want to work at MITRE"? In light of you probably not knowing what kind of project or task you may actually work on, this question is a "loaded potato". The most unexpected question was - "If you could change one thing about your former employer, what would it be"? The answer, if you are thinking outside of the box, may be critical to getting and keeping your job. For example: (1) Are you capable of independent evaluation - critical thinking? (2) Are you a "big or little picture person"? (3) Can you constructively evaluate how your former employer can improve its internal culture for the better"? Your viewpoint and approach to how answer this question may speak volumes about whether you are the right person for supporting MITRE's client base - the federal government. The federal government has elements within it that are big and small, simple and complex; with problems that are easy or nearly impossible to resolve. If you join MITRE, you are saying you are ready to meet a plethora of unforeseen challenges - head on.

Do you understand that the Information System Security Engineer position is not a hands on technical position but one more of an auditor and that there would be a lot of documentation to support the customer security accreditation requirements?

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How would you write a script to send an email to users that their password is due to expire in an arbitrary amount of time (in pseudocode)?

In my opinion, there were not any very difficult or unexpected questions. Most were very typical. Perhaps since I was a college grad, there were not a lot of work-related scenario questions. The most difficult were probably 'describe how you would overcome some of your professional weaknesses,' 'please describe your thought process when faced with a unknown problem,' or 'how do you react under pressure?'

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