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Longterm vision from your perspective

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Will I advance quickly? Can I not be on a Navy ship?

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How proficient are your skills in IT?

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In my opinion, there were not any very difficult or unexpected questions. Most were very typical. Perhaps since I was a college grad, there were not a lot of work-related scenario questions. The most difficult were probably 'describe how you would overcome some of your professional weaknesses,' 'please describe your thought process when faced with a unknown problem,' or 'how do you react under pressure?'

What is your IT experience?

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They asked a few basic questions and let me ask questions of them. They then gave me a test to build a query to select and group specific data from their database. The database was normalized so it required the joining of a few tables, but nothing too complicated.

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Tell me about a time when you did something out of your comfort zone.. What was it and what did you do to prepare yourself for it?

There were no difficult questions, they were all about tell me a time were you took the lead on.... On your resume it says .... tell me about ...., Can you take the lead working on a project with other (more experienced coworkers, Offshore workers, ....). You should be able to pass this interview with nothing more that canned responses from your resume, and canned responses from standard HR questions you can find online. The only difficult question is why would you want to work for Walmart, and they do not ask that one...

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