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Information Systems Technician Interview Questions


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Will I advance quickly? Can I not be on a Navy ship?

1 Answer

Advancement is based on a few variable there is no guarantee. There are some job skills that do not get underway, but they are very specialized and you have to have the right skills and qualifications.

How does a toilet work?

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Do you have a curiosity for what data is doing who, who is making it do it, and where it is going?

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1) Do you like working with computers? 2) Are you willing to wait XX months to come in as a IT (Information Systems Technician)?

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If a user is unable to print, how would you troubleshoot the issue.

If a graphics intensive program uses a lot of resources and the system struggles, which component should you upgrade, the CPU, or RAM?

Do you have any medical issues?

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Describe something you learned that was hard... and not related to computers.

What would you do if a user called and said that their printer wasn't printing?

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