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What is your experience in operating tools to assess the security of IT networks?

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How do you feel about cold-calling?

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How do you deal with difficult people or seemingly unreasonable deadlines

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How would my individual contributions be different than the previous employee.

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How much experience and education do you have in the IT field?

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Have you handled major systems replacements and worked to manage several other projects at the same time to ensure interoperability.

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Name a situation where you had to work with someone of an older generation.

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What do you consider while starting a project

1 million card applications. $1 per application cost to do employment verification. 96% pass verification and get a card. 4% fail and do not get cards. Given average profits on cardholders in good standing, and average losses on accounts that default, find the % of denied cardholders that would have to default in order to justify the $1 per application verification cost .

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Why are manhole covers round?

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