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If you had to redesign an underground, problematic mass transit, what would be your first steps?

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I started with saying, "I would start with informational gathering to ensure we address all existing problems. I would then lay the foundation to support existing user base and plan for a user base growth factor of the population growth for the past 10 years. I would keep the information gathering limited to data for only the past 10 years to focus existing users and most relevant user base growth." I have no idea how my answer was received. The person asking the question and I were both in awe of the question.

What would you do if a Domain controller crashed and you need to promote a new box to domain controller with the least disruption?

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What command do you use to find OSPF neighbors? Seriously?

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What is your experience with GIS and work order management? Do you feel comfortable with both?

Would you use UDP or TCP for VOIP traffic and why?

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Q: How would your previous manager describe you?

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How does Public Cloud differ from Private, and what are the benefits...

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How do you like to communicate with your coworkers and customers?

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