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What made me consider athenahealth as a choice

1 Answer

I was looking for diversification away from the previous roles i had been doing and used to.

The questions were not difficult; however, what was difficult was dealing with a team that was is ill-prepared, unqualified, and frankly quite unprofessional.

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the CFO asked me to describe a circumstance where I did not get along with a superior manager and how I handled it.

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I have to start from scratch in building the whole digital initiative but that is exactly what I wanted to do.

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I was asked to put together an on-the-spot case-study to solve a civics problem (toll booth revamp project). The project proposal overview was presented and I was tasked with creating a presentation that would solve the following problem: how can the state of MA move to a completely automated toll-booth collection system. This tests how you think, how you prepare a presentation, and how you present. It doesn't matter what option you choose, just how well you prepare and defend it.

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Walk me through your resume and share why you decided to move to different companies

Give an example of your experience driving breakthrough innovation

Q: Any experience managing remote teams?

Why did I want to work at Materne?

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