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Taycor Financial
Entry Level Corporate Inside Sales was asked...April 11, 2012

Using what we have used to define sales, give me an example of a situation in which you have had to use collaborative selling? What made the situation difficult and what was successful about it?

1 Answers

This was one of the more difficult questions asked, for I do not have a lot of experience in sales jobs. However, having helped my family build and create a business from the start, marketing and sales tactics were necessary in gaining loyal clientele in order to operate the business. With that being said, I was not unfamiliar with the idea of collaborative selling, and was able to explain various situations when collaboration was necessary in order to maintain business in the long term. Less


If one of your customers said no to your product what would you do to convince them otherwise?

1 Answers

Ask questions to figure out what their hesitance is and try and solve some problems that they currently have with the solutions that our products offer. Less

It's Just Lunch

What were some of your biggest challenges in dealing with difficult clients and how did you overcome them?

1 Answers

Clients disgruntled because their were errors on their ads. sometimes it's the publishers fault, but many times it can be the clients error. I always remain calm, let the person speak, really listen, and then they usually calm down. At that point I assure them that we'll make it right. I explain that I will research the situation to find the best possible solution. I make them feel valued and treat their situation as top priority. Less


sell me this pen. And what's your biggest weakness?

1 Answers

What sort of things do you like to write about? And when you do, do you enjoy a smooth reliable writing utensil? This is for you! My biggest weakness is that I take too much time providing customer service for clients to make sure they are happy. Some of that time could probably be spent acquiring new customers. Less


What can you bring to the table in this role?

1 Answers

I bring a positive energy, and am motivated, and very hardworking. I am great with people and know how to sell products and services. Less


If you could be #1 employee but have all your coworkers dislike you or you could be #15 employee and have all your coworkers like you, which would you choose?

46 Answers

There are 53,000 employees at ADP. To have 14 people ranked higher than you within that organisation is still a sign that you are one of the most valuable employees. Better to have 14 people ranked higher than you and have a productive and courteous relationship with your coworkers than to be #1 and have a dysfunctional relationship with your coworkers. Less

I can hardly envision a company or a scenario where a person disliked by his or her co-workers would be the Number 1 employee. Organizations require relationships to achieve results. It would have to be a place where everyone worked independently of each other for this scenario to happen. Less

#1 v. #14 matters based on the size of the company. In really large companies, #14 is still impressive. More important though, I am ok with people disliking me if they respect me. Less

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Car Easy
Inside Sales was asked...September 11, 2020

Tell me something about yourself

4 Answers

I told them about myself

@Harshita- That Vikram guy can mind his own business instead of lecturing people. We don’t want his gyaan, he take take the gyaan and ....... Less

Harshita looks like you are another Vikram, go to him, kneel down, and......

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Los Angeles Clippers

What will you do to be better that John Doe? (to provide some context, this question was asked in the first group interview, they were asking the candidate next to me questions and then immediately turned to me and asked how I would perform better than him)

4 Answers

My education and experience makes me the perfect choice for this position.

I would use my education and experience in sales to out sale anyone in this room. Less

Engage with as many customers as possible. Making sure each one felt special and comfortable with me. My goal is to make a sale. Figure who is buying and has the resources buy to the product. Less

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Red Ventures

Sell me your sell phone...

4 Answers

It’s after your initial offer. They sent me documents on a Friday and took the offer back because it wasn’t completed on Monday. It was a weekend no business is open. I’m highly disappointed in their process. Less

They're looking for you to asses customer needs, build value and close.

Too bad it's a cellphone, not a sell phone.

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I was quite offended when they spent an hour questioning me about my core beliefs, values, and experience, and then left me time for 1 question before letting me know they had another meeting. Very unprofessional especially after they tell that the interview process is a 2-way street and the candidate is interviewing the company and vice versa.

4 Answers

No reply just left - would not work there

As a Sales Manager at Netsertive I will take full responsibility for this. We do believe in the 2 way nature of interviewing and try hard to leave time for questions even in the very first in person interview. Sorry it did not work out that way in your particular case. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any other feedback or questions. Less

Have to agree with Anonymous. The one sided interview process is an indicator of the work experience. Explains the churn and burn of staff there - especially in sales. Salaries are below market, benefits are expensive, but you'll get tons of t-shirts you don't want or need. This is a great place to gain entry level experience, unfortunately they expect developed skills at their salaries. I wish them luck, but this late in the game, they should have sold already. Less

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