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Inside Sales Manager was asked...September 7, 2022

What does your schedule look like?

4 Answers

Open whenever you need me I will be there

All I know is I need a job and i will work my butt off I am from South Dakota and that all we know is work hard play harder Less

I am open to whatever I just need to work I am going nuts without working

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Management style

3 Answers

Cdl driver class a


Cdl driver class a


All personal questions about my family

2 Answers

Told them it has nothing to do with the job! Swag

Then Interviewer should show you his middle finger ... Swag!!

RDI Diamonds

They didn't seem to ask questions.

2 Answers

I understand I was under paid as well for too much work to do there.

On a paper they had me fill out desired salary so I low balled it and said 40,000 and for the rest of the interview they told me how I was going to make no where near 40,000 the first year. Less


A time where you took a risk, situation, define, action, outcome

2 Answers

Any time

Any time

Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

What can you bring that unique to the team?

2 Answers

Navigation not clear on site, negative "vote" was not intended and could not be corrected. Less

I referenced my background in the bar industry and my customer service experience and my ability to forge relationships quickly because people trust me even over the phone. I have had this "talent" all of my life. I am just easy to relate to and I consider it a unique asset. Less


Why F5 and why you?

1 Answers

F5 reputation. No debt and a pile of cash in coffers.

If you could be an animal which would you be?

2 Answers

I said I'd be a honey badger. They have the ability to deal with tough situations. They can be knocked down, but will get back up, & get back to business. Less

Did they have you go for a drug test as part of the pre-employment?

MA Laboratories

Do you have an existing client base you can bring to MA LABS?

2 Answers

Was honest and open, but they hear what they want to.

for how long they offer you the job?

Rogers Communications

If an agent does a outbound call to a client that is with a competitor and is happy with his services, Rogers cannot offer him a better price, and Roger have not benefit to offer to them how would you try to sell him a product?

2 Answers

First of all i listen more and more what our competitor have and if he have a better service and better price. I will go with our feature what we and our company is providing to our competitor. Every product or anything not matter with low price and all. If we are providing more facilities and more qualities on our products i really sure that our customer and competitor will understand what we want to sell. I never want to treat like a customer with him. I want to be more familiar with him and deal like a guest with our competitor. Less

Seriously? If this is the case give up trying to increase your market share in Québec cause you are basically saying that you have nothing better to offer the client! Less

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