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What actions would you take if you found that you are actually carrying too much inventory?

1 Answer

I would consider 1- Looking at demand patterns at other sites/regions and looking at moving inventory 2- Working with pricing team to offer discounts to drive demand 3 - Add it as a kit with another item and sell it 4 - Scrap it

None were really difficult, but I had diffculty answering anything that required impromptu math. I'm a spreadsheet guy. I.e. if you could buy the same quantity of two products one with a 10% margin and a higher cost and one with a 20% margin and a lower cost which would you buy?

3 Answers

Imagine you had 9 balls of all equal size and shape but, one ball was heavier than the others. Using as few steps as possible, how would you determine which ball was the heavier one using only a balance beam scale.

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Can the Interview/Application process and experience in an organization help determine whether or not to accept the job offer?

1 Answer

Name a time when you had to conform to a rule you didn't agree with.

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Name an instance when you had to uphold company policy.

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Tell me about a time you had a problem. How to choose the right forecasting technique for a new product before Christmas holiday?

Why do you want to work here, describe a time when's, the usual.

No difficult questions. Just the expected "What's your biggest weakness"

How did you solve a problem in your past work?

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